Steel Horseshoes



Steel Horseshoes


Our horseshoes can protect a horse’s hooves from wear on hard or rough surfaces. They are also designed to improve a horse’s gait, to help its conformation (how the horse stands), and to control interference problems (when hooves or legs collide with each other).
It is made of high-quality steel to make your horse’s gait as efficient as possible. The perfect horseshoe won’t turn a non-athletic horse into a world champion, but it will help maximize his existing abilities.


Our horseshoes are designed according to the breed of the horse and will vary in size, shape, and thickness. Since most are mass-produced, these designs are standard and are made using a two-part die that matches the dimensions and shapes desired. A new die is only required if it wears out.


  • Forging.
    One of the oldest metal forming methods is the primary process used for horseshoes. This process shapes metals by deforming them with a hammer, a press, or rollers. Smith forging consists of making a part by banging on the heated metal with a hammer. This is the familiar forging process performed by blacksmiths (farriers) on horseshoes. Hammer forging is simply a larger and more machine-produced version of the same thing.
  • Cutting &Bending.
    The bar is cut to length according to the type of shoe using shear blades. The cutting equipment is operated either mechanically or manually by a foot pedal. After cutting, the bar is heated in an induction furnace or gas-fired forge to a temperature of around 2,300°F (1,260°C). The softened metal is then wrapped around a block of steel in the shape of the shoe using custom-designed equipment. Another type of bending equipment uses a plunger in the shape of the shoe, which forces the bar into the desired shape.
  • Forging.
    Drop forging, the most common of the forging processes, is used for most horseshoes. After the bar is bent, it is then forced into a die with the required dimensions by a powered hammer. One half of the die is attached to the hammer and the other half to the anvil. A cam mechanism determines the length of the stroke of the ram or how close the dies come together.
  • Finishing Operations.
    Once the shoe is bent, it is transferred to a punch press for making the nail holes. Usually, eight holes are made per shoe. The punch tooling is custom designed for each type of shoe. Then a trim press is used to remove excess material or flash. At this point, the shoe is still hot, around 1,900-2,000°F (1038-1093°C). After trimming, it is air-cooled for 45-60 minutes.


After cooling, horseshoes are packaged by hand in 25 or 50-pound boxes. A 50-lb (23-kg) box typically holds 80 shoes. Some manufacturers package 15 or 30 pairs per box.

Quality Control

The raw material must meet the chemical specifications as designated, which is verified by testing by the raw material supplier before shipping. To prevent rust, the round bars are stored under tarps. During forging, the operators constantly check the die visually for wear and other defects. Dimensional tolerances of the shoe (width and thickness) must be within 1/16 inch. The nail holes must be checked for the correct position. The hole is monitored for any cracks, which causes missing holes. During the trimming operation, the press is also monitored for cracks, which can cause burrs.


  • Sandblasting, which can improve its wear resistance, rust resistance, and corrosion resistance.
  • Forged from high-quality steel for durability.
  • Full Heel Support for better hoof support.
  • Concave inside edge, for easy cleaning and removing earth and sand.
  • Authentic steel horseshoes that are great for welding and forging, for all your equestrian and crafting needs.
  • Steel shoe with the shape most like the natural shape of a horse’s hoof before being distorted by ground pressure.
  • For balanced motion, ease of fit, and most natural motion for the horse.

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