Scent Detection Tubes


1.Seo Words: Scent Detection Tubes

2.Product Item: Vest

3.Item No.: CP.JB.32005

4.Product Description

Scent Detection Tubes are made by Nylon tube. Length 20cm, diameter 3cm. For sniffing training such as drug, explosive, blood and track searching. Open the two ends to let the smell in. The smell goes out from the holes on the tube.

More than ten years, we are leading manufacturer of professional equipment for dog training in china, such as bite sleeves, bite pads, muzzles, collars, leashes, harnesses, bite suits and various accessories.

Collaboration with experienced dog trainers and law enforcement agencies, such as Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, China Police Dog Technical School, Beijing Police College, allows us to create high-quality products that can compete with leading European manufacturers.



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