Police K9 Dog Leash


Police K9 Dog Leash

Police K9 Dog Leash is a professional K9 Dog Training Equipment and designed for Dog Training Kennels, Police Dog Training Department, and Safety institutions. Police K9 Dog Leash is made of zinc alloy hook and chinlon strap without a collar. Relective strips on the two faces of the strap for safety at night. Resilient, easy to carry and use. Used to give orders and control dogs. Length 150cm.


Zinc alloy hook and chinlon strap without a collar.
Season: All Seasons
Application: Dogs
Length: 1.5m
Place of Origin: China
Model Number: CP.JQ.09019
Color: Black
Function: Safe and durable, easy to pick up
MOQ: 100
OEM: Available

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High-quality K9 Dog Training Equipment has been offered to our clients since SSHAPPY PET was built, Using our extensive experience within the pet industry. Our Dog Training Equipment is used widely in dog kennels, police, military, and other law enforcement and security companies. To cater to their training goals, many fresh dog training equipment will be designed and made and other pet training products range will be updated for cats, birds, horses every year.

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Agility Training, Bark Control & Remote Training, Leashes & Collars, Potty Training Aids, Service Dog, Sport Training, Bite Suits, Sleeves &Covers, Puppy Tugs, Dog Vests, Muzzles, Leashes &Collars& Harnesses, Toys, Investigation/ Whips/Sticks, Dog Care, Outdoors



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