Police Dog Car Kennels


Police Dog Car Kennels

Police Dog Car Kennels

As the one of most K9 Dog Training Equipment, Police Dog Car Kennels is designed for Dog Training Kennels, Police Dog Training Department, and Safety institutions. Police Dog Car Kennels is designed to outfit your vehicle for Police K9. It is very safe to transfer your dog anywhere. Trusted by K9 police, law enforcement, and secure company.

Police Dog Car Kennels is a heavy-duty dog crate that is designed to not only prevent your pup from escaping but to keep him calmer by including a litany of ventilation holes too.

Aluminum Dog Kennel Features:

  • A Single-door Aluminium dog kennel by DINGGIN Homes for Pets.
  • Easily sets up and folds down in seconds.
  • No tools required for the Aluminium dog kennel.
  • Two Bolt Latches for each doors-Keep pup safe.
  • The aluminum dog kennel is Rounded Edges-Safe for Puppy.
  • Travel Safe – Take it anywhere for an Aluminium dog kennel.

Aluminum Dog Kennel Material:

  • Alu+board fireproofing.
  • Safe and secure slide bolt latch.
  • Aluminum dog kennel Instruction:
  • A great transport box for your dog /Pet, made from Aluminium and MDF!
  • The lightweight structure and the easy-to-clean surfaces ensure the high quality and convenience of the dog /Pet transport box.
  • The open structure won’t give your dog/Pet a closed-in feeling.
  • The kennel is built in minutes, using the included instructions Reduce the risk of injuring the dog, or yourself when carrying the box.
  • Due to the trapezoidal structure, the transport box also fits very well in station wagons.
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Military Dog Transport Crate
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Material: Alu+board fireproofing
Product Size: 90CM*W64CM*H77CM
High secured lock systems for more safety
Closer and stronger bars for top quality guarantee
OEM: Available

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High-quality K9 Dog Training Equipment has been offered to our clients since SSHAPPY PET was built, Using our extensive experience within the pet industry. Our Dog Training Equipment is used widely in dog kennels, police, military, and other law enforcement and security companies. To cater to their training goals, many fresh dog training equipment will be designed and made and other pet training products range will be updated for cats, birds, horses every year.

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