Police Dog Car Crates


Police Dog Car Crates

Police Dog Car Crates

As the one of most K9 Dog Training Equipment, Police Dog Car Crates is designed for Dog Training Kennels, Police Dog Training Department, and Safety institutions. Police Dog Car Crates is made to outfit your vehicle for Police K9. It is very safe to transfer your dog anywhere. Trusted by K9 police, law enforcement, and secure company.

Police Dog Car Crates is a heavy-duty dog crate that is designed to not only prevent your pup from escaping but to keep him calmer by including a litany of ventilation holes too.

It’s worth noting that this crate is really expensive, so it’s often the last resort for owners who have already tried every other conceivable crate and are sick of spending money on new furniture when their pooch goes crazy and tears it all up!


  • Recessed carrying handles make it easy to transport
  • Welded rivet construction and composite corners provide superior strength and durability
  • Features a marine-grade slam latch that engages automatically when the door is closed
  • Made in China
  • IATA compliant
  • Finished with a non-toxic, powder-coated layer to shield your crate from corrosion.

It offers increased airflow via its larger vent holes and openings, ensuring your pooch gets plenty of air. It also features welded rivet construction and 3/8 inch round bars welded with a crossbar for increased stability.

The crate’s latches are top-notch, categorized as a “Marine-grade” slam-style latch that locks automatically into place.

This crate is also airline-approved and IATA complaint, with airline rails and storage slots for rails available. As a bonus, it’s made in China!

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American Aluminum K9


Material: High-Quality Aviation Aluminum
Open Size:
M: 760*520*580mm
L: 950*670*770mm
XL: 1080*710*820mm
Folding Size:
M: 760*520*71mm
L: 950*670*71mm
XL: 1080*710*71mm
OEM: Available

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