Dog Training Dumbbell



Dog Training Dumbbell

Dog Training Dumbbell is good dog training equipment and tools. It can give your dog lots of funs when you are training a dog and playing with your dog. It’s fine and durable dumbbell. IPO-standard weight. Plates made of rubber-plastic synthetics, that does not crack like wooden plates and as a result becomes longer lasting. Prevents dogs from biting over the plates. Plates screwed on the beech center piece. Detachable. 


Item No.: CP.YL.20005
Type: Pet Training Products
Application: Dogs
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Material: Rubber-Plastic synthetics
Style: Customized
Package: Self Sealing Bag
MOQ: 100PC
OEM: Available
Customization: Available

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High-quality K9 Dog Training Equipment has been offered to our clients since SSHAPPY PET was built, Using our extensive experience within the pet industry. Our Dog Training Equipment is used widely in dog kennels, police, military, and other law enforcement and security companies. To cater to their training goals, many fresh dog training equipment will be designed and made and other pet training products range will be updated for cats, birds, horses every year.

We can produce the following but are not limited to:

Agility Training, Bark Control & Remote Training, Leashes & Collars, Potty Training Aids, Service Dog, Sport Training, Bite Suits, Sleeves &Covers, Puppy Tugs, Dog Vests, Muzzles, Leashes &Collars& Harnesses, Toys, Investigation/ Whips/Sticks, Dog Care, Outdoors



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