Dog Lick Mat



Dog Lick Mat

Dog Lick Mat is a special way to help calm or distract your dog and serve them fun treats in a unique way. Our lick mat is like a shallow bowl with little patterned nubs (silicone, plastic, or rubber) that stick up out of the mat. By smearing a soft, spreadable treat onto the mat, your dog will need to lick repeatedly around the obstacles to get all of it. Not only are there the soothing benefits of licking, but it takes longer to clear the mat and can hold their attention for several minutes at a time.

Puppy Lick Mat
Petco Dog Lick Mat


  • Keep your dog still when you groom
  • Distract your pup while you do other things
  • Soothe anxiety
  • Eliminate boredom
  • Slow down mealtime


Item Name.: Dog Lick Mat
Type: Pet Training Products
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Material: High-Quality Silica Gel. Non-Toxic And No Odor.
Package: Carton
Size: 14*16cm
MOQ: 100PC
OEM: Available
Customization: Available

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