Custom Police Dog Suit can be available from us. We offer OEM and ODM Service. No matter you are individual, enterprise or institution. You get best K9 dog training equipment from us.

  • There are two options to create your own clothing line:

The first way is to browse our collection of pre-designed styles and finished product and to select your favorite styles. The other option is to unleash your creativity and design the collection yourself. Then we will bring your designs to life!

OEM: Pre-Designed

When you are new to the k9 dog training equipment industry and don’t have experience in fashion design, creating a branded collection based on existing designs is the easiest and fastest way to sell product under your own label. While you don’t have to invest lots of time in the design process, you can give your collection your unique style!

Branded with your brand labels

Customized care labels

Customizable packaging

Many designs and colors available

The fastest way to get your collection

The easiest way to get your collection

ODM: Your unique designs

Are you ready to unleash your creativity? ODM product manufacturing, also known as custom private label production, gives you complete control over every detail of your clothing collection. Behind each design, there is a unique story, which you can share with your customers when you introduce your collection to them.

Branded with your brand labels

Customized care labels

Customizable packaging

Your unique and exclusive designs

Free choice of fabrics and accessories

Your story behind the design


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