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SSHAPPY PET is a manufacturer of pet training equipment, especially passionate in the K9 dog. Equipped with large-scaled factory and full capabilities of OEM, ODM, moulding, packaging, and delivery solutions, we are serving your business of pet wholesale and retail with joy.

Cat Training Equipment

There is a common misconception that cats cannot be trained, or that training them is more difficult than with dogs. Both of those statements are false and can be detrimental when a cat owner believes them. When owners feel that their cats cannot be trained, they also believe that cats’ behavioral problems cannot be resolved. This can often result in fatal consequences for cats, including euthanasia and relinquishment.

The truth is that many feline behavior problems can be resolved, and they are easy to train. Cats can be taught foundation behaviors (targeting, attention), positive husbandry behaviors (nail trims, brushing, and handling), and fun tricks (roll over, high five).

 We manufactured of some of the most effective cat training products in the market today. These products are completely safe and with proper usage can help you train your cat in a matter of weeks.

Beautiful Cat Bed


Give your cat a lift with the orthopedic support and off-the-floor comfort of our patented chew proof cat beds. Create the unique SShappy PET® cat bed that you and your cat will love today by selecting everything from the size to the color of materials and accessories.


Give your cat the play house of its dreams with our cat tree scratcher. There are multiple scratching posts that will keep your cat entertained for days along with high platforms to fulfill your cat’s desires to climb.

Automatic Cat Feeder


Let’s be honest, a cat’s love is unconditional. Put some food in it, your cat will love it. You, on the other hand, are picky. This is the fanciest feeder we make, it will really tie the room together.


Our toy offerings are always new and changing. We create quality, creative cat toys that integrate the latest fashion and function into our designs. 

Cat Play Ball
Best Cat Litter Box


Every cat needs a litter box. Otherwise you can’t really say you’ve made him part of the family. However, usually these items are an eyesore for the interior so you need to find a way to integrate them without wasting a lot of space and without disturbing the harmony in the interior design. We offer you a collection of attractive solutions.